Good Day, Taurus

Here is your daily horoscope for Saturday, September 22nd, 2018

Patience and persistence seem less attractive than hurry and fuss, but when faced with obstacles, you simply grind them away. Take heart -- slow progress allows ample time for daydreaming and rejuvenation. Don`t rush around and dive in willy-nilly, as your best course of attack involves strategy and careful planning. You find yourself annoyed by the slow and tedious forces around you; realize that not everyone is an idiot. Working alone may be more effective in certain situations.

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About the Taurus Sign

April 20 - May 20

Element: Earth
Ruling Planet: Venus
Symbol: The Bull
Stone: Emerald
Life pursuit: Emotional and financial security
Secret desire: To have a secure, happy, and wealthy life/marriage.

Underneath their very calm, cool, and collected exterior, Taureans differ quite a bit from all other signs of the zodiac. Very social, and has many friends, but they manage to stay apart from the crowd very discreetly. They will let others get close to them, but only as close as they choose. If a Taurean does not want to hear your point or argument it is said to be like talking to a tree, the simply will not budge. Masking their true feelings and emotions, little does anyone around them know just how deeply they might feel about a certain situation or person. Hidden beneath the veneer of all the day to day activities, many think that Taureans are snobby, boring, or predictable.

Taureans are known to be able to cut themselves off from all of the pressures of the outside world very easily, simply isolate themselves and having this ability to go on automatic pilot, and detach for a while can really help save up their inner energy again to help conquer whatever task they want to put their mind to. Taureans loves their comfort zone, and having to deal with change can be difficult for them, because this will take them out of their automatic pilot mode and force them to deal with new issues.

A sign know to long for creating tomorrow in advance, because they hate to be in jeopardy of any kind, and does not like leaving life up to fate. Regarded as extremely sensual beings, strong lovers.