Good Day, Scorpio

Here is your daily horoscope for Wednesday, November 21st, 2018

New things make you a little nervous, but you`ll probably go ahead anyway. Your comfort and safety issues are more about others than about you. You don`t want them to worry. Let them pack you extra sandwiches and double check your safety line if it makes them feel better. Even as you lunge forward, an unexpected event bursts your bubble. Maybe it won`t affect your commitment, but it will certainly change the mood. You`re looking at strangers in a different way and are less eager to share. Common wisdom makes more sense than ever. You still have an out if you need one.

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About the Scorpio Sign

October 23 - November 21

Element: Water
Ruling Planet: Pluto
Symbol: The Scorpion
Stone: Topaz
Life pursuit: To survive against all opposition
Secret Desire: To be triumphant

Many astrologers think of Scorpio to be the most powerful sign of the zodiac. Having dramatic personal relationships that can be very intense at times, purely driven by fate. Believed to be wise beyond their years, even as children. Many astrologers think they have the oldest souls, which can explain as to why they have such innate wisdom. Even with all that wisdom, Scorpios struggle with finding exactly what they need to be content, and happy.

3 words perfectly describe the characteristics that a Scorpio typically has, and those are: passion, desire, and power. They have a difficulty choosing between the power of love, and their love for more power. They have an unusually hard time with being sensitive around others, and showing off their emotional depths. Many have said that you could date a Scorpio for years and maybe not even really know them that well. Scorpios have difficulty finding the right words for their burning passion, and this can be tough to bottle up, oftentimes exploding all at once. They will mask their true feelings, and you have to realize that when dealing with a Scorpio no oftentimes means yes, and visa versa. One of the most faithful lovers of all the zodiac signs, but when their trust is abused they will not forgive or forget easily.

Scorpios are winners. They are very competitive, but need to control their mind in order to truly succeed, things can easily rattle, distract, or annoy them, when focused they are hard to beat at anything.