Good Day, Libra

Here is your daily horoscope for Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018

Listen to that nagging voice inside of your head. Your intuition is keen at the moment, and your first instincts are usually right. If you find yourself in situations where you have to choose between one or more people, places or objects, close your eyes and let your inner eye guide you. There are probably way too many details and variables for you to process analytically, so you must be willing to throw out scientific process in exchange for what might seem like random chance. In the end you`ll see that everything happens for a reason, and that you can`t always control what happens.

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About the Libra Sign

September 23 - October 22

Element: Air
Ruling planet: Venus
Symbol: The Scales
Stone: Opals
Life pursuit: To be consistent
Secret desire: Live a life of leisure

Libras fantasize and dream of finding a prince or princess of their dreams to sweep them off their feet, or fall deeply in love with just like the fairy tales. Throughout life's normal disappointments, false stars, dramas, broken hearts, and all this disillusionment they encounter searching this so called holy grail will shape their lives in a very extraordinary manner. To love and to love-lost will have a huge impact on a Libra, even though their happy go lucky nature might mask this a bit.

Living a lifestyle that somehow falls short of their childhood dreams can be really tough on Libras, they have this idea of an "ought" self and it can be tough to realize that everything happens for a reason, but once they are content with their situation Libras can truly shine.

In business Libras are very successful due to their incredible charm, and creative side. Being able to escape into obscure role play can be a great way to mix things up in the office realm, and keep things fresh. Being able to gain powerful friends, and jobs comes extremely easy for them. But both in work and play they are always looking for peace and harmony, which leads them to saying yes when they should be saying no just to go with the flow.

It is a sad fact that Libras would probably fare better being alone, and focus more on their career path, which they are undoubtedly very successful at. If they happen to find their dream partner, great, and magical things can happen. Expect living somewhere exotic, a distant place, and probably being running a local small business as a family. The key thing with Libras is that it is best to not settle, and not to undermine their own integrity, hold out until their dreams come true.